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A managed supply of fresh air in offices is vitally important. Not only does this improve productivity and efficiency but it helps create a more comfortable work environment and quite often is fundamental in achieving Building Regulations.

We can install a ventilation system which constantly provides fresh air and removes airborne contaminants.  Discreet grilles are placed in the most optimum places of the building in order to create the most energy efficient system.

90% of what we install today is based on heat recovery ventilation. Assuming the space is heated and /or cooled, the HRV system uses the stale heated or cooled air to pre heat or precool the incoming fresh air. By using this heat recovery method it is often possible to recover 80% of the heating or cooling that you have already paid for rather than simply disposing of it to atmosphere. The result is very low running costs and very low maintenance costs and a very pleasant and fresh environment to live or work.

Save money and do your bit for the environment with heat recovery ventilation from Stay Cool HVAC. Because our heat recovery systems regain up to 80% of the energy from their extract airstream, your carbon emissions are dramatically reduced.

Ventilation servicing and maintenance

Servicing heat recovery ventilation systems and air extraction systems are of vital importance in order to maintain maximum efficiency. This will also help avoid future breakdowns and stop the build up of grease and dirt doing lasting damage to the systems.

So in order to keep the air vents working to their maximum capacity, book in regular services with our qualified team of experts.