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Its our mission to provide you with the latest technology in air conditioning units. We ensure your office, retail shops, factory, home or commercial premises is fitted with top performing, energy efficient systems that can’t be rivalled across London, Hertfordshire and beyond.

We do supply a variety of Air conditioning systems

  • Advanced Wall Mounted
  • Floor Standing
  • Ceiling Cassettes
  • Large Floor Standing
  • Ceiling Suspended
  • Slim Ducted Units
  • Ducted Units
  • Under Ceiling
  • Flat Cassettes
  • Wall Mounted
  • Mini VRF
  • VRF

Variety of Air Conditioning Systems

What make our Units superior?

Individual Room Control

With individual room control each unit can be used independently, delivering air only to the rooms that need it and allowing you full temperature control.

Energy Saving & Cost Efficient

With our advanced heat pump and inverter technology, you’ll get greater efficiency from your unit, making it more environmentally friendly and cost effective to run.

Installation in Any Space

Our range includes single split, multi-split and VRF air conditioners, making it possible to install them in any property, even if space is limited.

Wide Range of Products

Find the air conditioning unit that matches your needs and style, with our wide range of high performance products. Air to air heat pump or water cooled condenser.