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Air source heat pumps

Stay Cool HVAC LTD Renewables offer a range of products that can help to reduce both your heating bills and carbon footprint. By assessing your property, we can then supply and install the systems that will be of the greatest benefit to you. This can include air source heat pumps, which draw heat from the outside air, photovoltaic systems (PV) which gather energy from the sun and convert it into electricity and solar thermal systems, which use solar energy to heat the water in your home.

Solar PV

A Solar PV installation can capture and harnesses the sun’s energy and turn it into free, green electricity for your commercial premises or home appliances.

Due to the government’s Feed in Tariff (FIT) your Solar PV installation can also earn you an income for each kWh that the system can generate.
When solar panels are exposed to solar radiation, they begin producing electrical power. The electricity generated by your solar system will feed back into your commercial premises or home, and can be used to run the appliances you are using and will therefore be ‘free electricity’.

If the panels are producing more electricity than you are using, the surplus is simply exported to the National Grid, through your normal electricity supply and in turn can provide you with an additional income.

If you require any additional electrical power to support your home or commercial premises, the additional energy is taken from the energy grid and paid for as per normal.

Renewable Servicing and maintenance

With the savings involved for installing renewable energy systems, it’s important to keep them fully operational. We can make sure of this with regular servicing and maintenance, which will avoid potentially expensive repairs.

This can be provided for heat pumps and our solar panel systems, which will not only keep them working but working to their full potential.

So in order to keep the air vents working to their maximum capacity, book in regular services with our qualified team of experts.